Planet Action Adventure – History

Planet Action Adventures was founded back in 1995 by German national Jochen Hanika and his Filipina wife Jinky.
Being the real deal, they have both been competing in, and winning, mountain bike events in the early 90s.

Jochen and Jinky didn’t just start another adventure tours company, they provided the blueprints for an exciting new industry in the Philippines. Jochen and his counterpart Mario, nicknamed “Super Mario”, explored Cebu’s hinterland, trekking, wading, abseiling, canyoneering, leaping off waterfalls and mapping out jungle treks, all of the stuff your mother told you not to do.

With his mountaineering background and experience, Jochen explored and developed canyoning routes and made them safe. He found alternate escape and evacuation routes and erected emergency evacuation devices like rigging canyons for the use of Flying Foxes (a device which where you can overcome a waterfall in case you are injured) and other resources to improve the overall safety of the area.

Planet Action is where adventure tours in Moalboal, and actually in the Philippines, all started. Jochens activities were featured on TV shows like Sport Unlimited and GMA Travel shows. International schools from Cebu, Manila, Singapore and Hong Kong sent their students on field trips with Planet Action.

Following Planet Actions success there is huge supply of independent guides and companies offering similar tours, but without the professional background and experience, neglecting training and even the simplest safety measures.

Often imitated but never duplicated, Planet Action has always managed to go that extra mile and conduct tours with an unmatched safety and customer satisfaction record. Check out some of the reviews from our customers on social media, we promise you more fun and professional service from well trained and experienced staff.

See you in action in Cebu, Your Planet Action Team