Canyoning at the Montaneza Falls Cebu

The Montaneza River threads its way through a narrow ravine. It is a perfect setting for an unforgettable canyon tour. We abseil a set of five different waterfalls, climbing and jumping down the rapids. Once you rappel the first waterfall, there is no return any more. On of the high lights are the descending of a 30 meter high waterfall with an overhang. On the end of the tour there are natural hot springs, where you can take a bath and relax after a very exciting adventure. The adrenaline pumping thrill & fun combined with incredible tropical nature is something you will remember for a long time.

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FAQ Canyoning

Canyoning or canyoneering consists of walking down a watercourse running in gorges or ravines. Depending on the nature of the terrain, the gorges are more or less narrow and deep, while the flow of the river can vary a lot. We mostly go down the river walking, but sometimes we need to swim, always following the bed of the watercourse. While canyoning down the river, one might need to cross waterfalls, using climbing techniques such as roping down. One might also need to jump, climb down, slide down and of course swim in calm or fast flowing waters. Practicing canyoning requires using specific tools: harnesses, ropes, descender, helmets, clothes, and shoes that are fit for hiking on slippery ground. Even though everyone can try and practice canyoning, it is important to remember that moving through a mountainous environment requires to respect certain rules and security instructions
Canyoning has an elements of risk, like any other outdoor activities or extreme sports. Our Team leaders are experienced, professional and working at least 10 - 20 years for Planet Action Adventure. You will get a safety briefing before the tour start. The gear is of European standard and subject to regular inspections.
No, you just have to be keen to try something new. Canyons are open to people from 9 or 12 years old ( depends on the canyoning site) in good physical condition to make the most of the activity. If you have a specific medical condition, please let us know.
Basic swimming skills are required. for additional safety, everybody has to wear a live jacket.
There are lower jumps where is no way around, but all higher jumps (more than 3-4m) we can show you a other way around or abseil or lower you down instead.
You can wear glasses in the canyon, but contact lenses are better, but can still fall out. If you only have glasses, ensure you have a sports strap or tie and let us know before departure. Glasses are worn at clients risk.
Booking in advance is recommended to secure your favorite trip, you can just send us a email or use ourbooking form.
For all canyoning tour the minimum people is two , in case you are alone you can just send us a mail, if you can join another group.
Transportation is included from Moalboal, where all our tours start and our office is located. In case you need transportation from Cebu City , Mactan or Oslob. We can organize pick ups and drop offs at your resort at additional cost. E.g Round trip transfer from Cebu or Mactan to Moalboal would be 4000 peso for car for up to 3 people or 5000 peso for a van for up to 10 people.
Yes, everybody is required to have his own insurance e.g, which covers you in case of accidents on the way or during the activity.

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